" Camera Obscura Series "   Artist Technique .

The newest painting series by Loren Salazar marks a new shift in the artist's painting technique.
These new works employ a combination of all past techniques used by Salazar in addition to multiple layers of Epoxy Resin on a wood panel base.
Starting with files from Salazar's original photograph's and sketches from locations world wide, the full composition is mapped out digitally as a study. In this new series, for the first time,the artist has incorporated images from historical paintings and drawings drawn from Public Domain. These include Salazar favorites from the Italian Renaissance,
Pre Raphaelite, and Dutch Paintings.
The artist builds the composition by blending different locations , sketches and drawings into a unique flowing image. This digital map of the work in progress continues up to the under painting stages.
From the under-painting and to completion, all work by the artist hand includes a variety of techniques developed by the artist over decades of art works.
Starting on a wooden panel (framed, sanded, and gesso with white ground ), the black and white under-painting is built with pencil, brush, airbrush, spray, dry pigments, gels,and watercolor like washes until the composition is fully developed.

At completion of the black and white under-painting, the image is sealed in the first of many coats of Epoxy Resin .
This first resin coat is sanded , and an overlapping layer of small primary colored droplets are applied by spray gun .
These small droplets form a rich base for building subsequent layers of additional colors.
Each layer is sealed in a resin coat which forms the basis for building colors, contrast, textures. All applications of color are sealed in additional layers of transparent epoxy resin resulting in a unique depth of color .
The final result is a rich, deep, translucent surface which reveals layers of hand applied colors hovering over previous layers of color.It is a unique effect that one can actually see "into" the various layers of color in such a manner that no digital output can achieve.

Within each layer of resin coated color , the artist employs various application techniques including;
     Traditional painting with brush, transparent washes, staining, rubbing in and lifting out, blotting out, air brush,
     spray gun, dry pigment and erasing out, acrylic spray sealing, acrylic gel , and Epoxy Resin layering.

The new works in this series are completed in an average of 45 days (approximately a month and a half).
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